Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A perfect way out for my hobby

I’ve always liked cooking, and every time try to find something new, so now I already have a collection of recipes. This hobby helps me to relax after the hard working day, it develops my creative skills. But together with that it has a number of negative sides; one of them is extra kilos I get as a result. It’s really hard to resist something tasty for me, but now at least it has become possible to control my weight, thanks to calorie tracker for iPhone, a new application by Viaden Mobile I’ve tried recently.

The application works like a personal adviser on dieting that you may get directly from iTunes. It helps to find out the information about different kinds of dishes, thus you may create your own dieting plan, or at least be sure you won’t consume extra calories. Plus it allows you to make up your own physical activity plan, so as to have body of your dream, that’s so convenient and challenging!

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