Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Why to order software development services in Florida?

Why to choose a software company in Florida? If you were looking for the answer to this question, I'll try to share my thought regarding this issue. Hope to be helpful.

Why to order software development services in Florida?
The first thing you need to be sure is why you want to work with a Florida-based company. You need to be sure that there are many other options. Your software project may be outsourced to any software company in the world. Modern information technologies allow any type of communication and it's really cheap. You don't need to travel to the other part of the world to communicate with a team about custom Wordpress programming. You just need to have a good Internet connection and appropriate video conferencing tool. But even if there is an opportunity to hire software developers from India or China, Poland or Belarus there is a list of reason why to hire IT specialists who work close to you, your company and you potential customers.

The main reason why it's good to work with a company from your state is that you have similar life-style with all the people who will participate in your software development project. It will be very important during the project initiation phase, so as during the project planning, estimation and requirements gathering. For example, if you plan to create the real estate site you may easily find a web agency with real estate software projects in their portfolio. They will probably have some parts/modules of your project already developed, they will understand why you may need this or that feature, they may even suggest you some ideas (if you are open for this).

The other reasons to look for Florida iPhone developers or Miami Magento programmers is absence of cultural differences. You will speak the same language and it's not only about being native English speakers. They will understand you better because you have grown in the similar cultural environment. Also you will not face the problem of different time zones. It's much more convenient to have the same working hours with your software development team.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Facebook has built a beautiful Home on Android

Last Friday Facebook presented its Home and by that started a real discussion. Facebook Ceo Mark Zuckerberg stressed that despite long-standing rumors Facebook didn’t announce a “Facebook phone” and that they were not going to create Facebook phone operating system. The new product – Facebook Home – is just a replacement for Android’s standard home screen. It was installed just on one new smartphone yet – HTC’s First. The application may be installed on a few different existing devices from Samsung and HTC. It happens quite rarely when such a simple product – and Home can be described in several words: this is a news feed of a social network on the home screen of a mobile device – so it happens rarely when such a simple product creates such a wide range of opinions. Moreover we are not only discussing on that topic but we are also trying to understand what is Home and to what results its popularization may lead. And it is not doubtful that the project is going to be popular: a billion of Facebook users is not a joke.

The first question clarified during two days of discussion concerns the type of the product. The project of Facebook is an application that occupies the home screen of a device to output some useful information and if it is needed it is able to launch other programs. It allows ranking it as a launcher. There are dozens of such applications, and it is not only independent mobile apps developers who work with them but huge vendors such as HTC, Motorola, Samsung.

The thing that was really unexpected was the reaction of Microsoft. One of the managers of the company – Frank Show – explained in his blog that the software giant had already implemented the same ideas in its Windows Phone two years earlier. According to Show, Home is just a superstructure that compensates fundamental Android disadvantages.

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