Monday, June 21, 2010

Disposable or not

There can be a rather interesting dilemma while investing in chemical business. One need to choose if to invest, for example, in production of traditional or disposable BOD bottles.On the one hand, disposable bottles are more popular as company doesn't need to spend time and money for cleaning and other procedures. On the other hand company can use traditional bottle many times and save money on bottle itself.

So, while choosing a business to invest in it's important to predict what variant will be more popular - saving money on products or saving money on people's time and so on. As for me I prefer investing in companies selling Plastic vials like Environmental Express.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brilliant stimulus to take care after my body

I’ve never seen anything similar to this program! I couldn’t even imagine that keeping fit can be so pleasant and easily done! This All In Fitness Pedometer for iPhone has replaced me all the games in my iPhone – every time I go somewhere I count my steps and see the progress from day to day! I have even launched a table where I paste my results and compare them! I can plan my burden and increase the quantity of steps every day!

This feature is a brilliant stimulus to take care after my body! I can register using of Pedometer with my ordinary way of life – it is really time-saving and very thrilling! I can even say that I have a new hobby!