Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first experience of Symfony

I have recently started working in one big software development company. Everything’s fine apart from one thing – they prefer working and creating only on Symfony. So now I’m learning Symfony framework as all future projects of the company will be developed on its basis.

At first sight, I liked the framework a lot. Everything is wisely realized in it. But in any case in the process of development some problems will turn up. But I hope my fellow colleagues will help me with understanding and finding the best way out.

Whenever possible I will write about useful things about Symfony and how it helps in rapid web development.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This year real estate market looks a bit optimistic

The research made by the scientists at Colorado State University shows that the residents are in general optimistic about the property market in Northern Colorado in 2010.

About 300 people took part in the survey that showed that they are rather confident about the real estate market in 2010. The study showed the sales have fallen in comparison with the previous years. They say there’s a span of optimism despite that the tax program will end soon and the interest rates will go up. Some respondents said that they expected to sell houses with more benefits this year than in the previous 2009.

The research asked not only some residents, but some experts who are familiar with the whole process of buying and selling the property. They prove that bad authority regulations caused the wave of foreclosures in the country and the inability of many people to buy property any at all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Distressed houses make the market fluctuate

Chicago area has announced the beginning of the buyers’ season in February, but it turned out that the sales of existing distressed houses can slow down the market development.

The number of foreclosures who want to sell a house is increasing thus causing the ripple on the market.

The Illinois Realtor’s Association announced that the sales rose by about 30% compared than one year ago. But at the same time the median price has fallen. This discrepancy is the main concern for the homeowners who want to list their houses in spring. They will have to compete with distressed property, which is more attractive for buyers as it can be cheap and ready to be settled in.

The specialists say that the market is not going to stabilize till the market is free from all foreclosures, but it’s not going to happen in the nearest future s they expect a new wave of foreclosures soon. This is because that many homeowners can’t pay the mortgages.