Thursday, January 20, 2011

What to wear in 2011?

Every year we are giving lots of resolutions about the coming year and try hard to follow them and to fulfill them. Those,who are fashion conscious, try to set up some new promises what to wear in the coming year. Let’s consider some typical and possible resolutions for 2011.
-  wear the clothes that give you confidence like Dsquared jeans, and don’t forget about comfort.
- try not to over dress. It is better to look humble than to overdo;
- choosing the classic clothes like a Cavalli dress, which is already a masterpiece of the fashion trends of the coming year;
- before going shopping, know exactly what you want to buy not to spend too much on unnecessary things;
- have one common color while wearing clothes;
- buy a dark and classic leather bag which is ideal in all situations;
- don’t forget about footwear which should match the whole style. It doesn’t matter that these are
D&G shoes, they will just suit your image.

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