Friday, November 12, 2010

Personal trainer in my iPhone

As I was a student I had plenty of time for going to the gym, swimming, I even attended dancing classes, but now when I have a family I have less time for all these things and as a result some problems with my shape and weight. So one day I’ve decided for myself, that I just had to do something with it. I asked my husband for advice and he found a great option for me that allowed using my household activities as exercises and even tracking the results. That’s a new product created by Viaden Mobile - pedometer for iphone.

It works like a personal trainer, counting every calorie I’m burning while doing the washing up, cleaning the house or just playing with kids. Plus it even gives information what activity is the most efficient, so I may set objectives for each day and see the results!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Distillation systems

For having exact data from laboratory researches, it’s necessary to have reliable distillation systems for collecting cyanide and ammonia. Why is distillation important?

Distillation is the most widely spread method of water cleansing used in the world. Water undergoes phase changes during the process of distillation moving from liquid to steam and then again from steam to liquid. The transition from liquid to steam is followed by cleansing from dissolved solids.

There are several companies in the market that provide high quality cyanide distillation system and ammonia distillations systems. Also it may be useful to have portable ph meter and ross electrode.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Health and appearance

I think I may call my lifestyle a healthy one, ‘course I do care about my health and appearance. That includes not just healthy eating but also physical activity. Two weeks ago we moved to a new district and unfortunately there’s no good fitness center here. I was really disappointed about that and last week I found the solution of the problem - that’s a new application to my iphone - iphone fitness, created by Viaden Mobile, Games for iPhone company.

At first I couldn’t even believe it can be so easy to use. The application offers you a great choice of exercises (with video guidance if needed), plus it counts how many calories you’ve burnt taking into account the food you’ve eaten. Furthermore it makes the whole process very pleasant, as you can listen to your favorite music while training!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Simple in use

We are what we eat – and I can rewrite this phrase as the following – we are how we train and keep fit! It is really significant to maintain perfect sporty form in order to have good health nowadays, because modern life is too complicated and fast. I think that the better variant for keeping fit is the combination of healthy nutrition and physical activity. I prefer to train with the new Yoga for iphone provided by Viaden Mobile – this application is really convenient and simple in use – I can set up individual burden which is appropriate just for me and my needs!

I like also that all the necessary data are presented in clear and accessible form, so I can see how I’m going to the body of my dream day by day!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Installed iphone fitness by Viaden Mobile

Once upon time my best friend presented me with iPhone – I was the happiest in the world! I studied how to use this gadget and now I can’t imagine my daily life without it! I n order to verify my daily routine I decided to install a new application on my iPhone every week. The last one which I’ve installed is iphone fitness provided by Viaden Mobile. This unique app provides me the opportunity to choose some exercises appropriate to my preferences and the chance to know how much calories I’ve burnt with the help of these exercises. I like also nutrition monitoring which shows me how much calories contains the food I’ve eaten.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

The way to keep fit

Sporty walking is my favorite method of keeping fit – this kind of sport is something middle between walking and jogging and allows to burn rather high amount of calories. I like this kind of physical activity because it is easier than running and more interesting for me than just walking. Sporty walking requires the calculation of the distance and the quantity of steps, and now I can do this with the help of the perfect
mobile application installed on my iphone - pedometer for iphone, which observes the distance I have passed by during training. So, I can use my iphone to listen music and to control the process of training and have no necessity to take any other gadgets with me!

Monday, July 12, 2010

How to keep cheerful when you are really in bad mood

One evening I didn’t know what to do and I was just surfing the net trying to find something really interesting to do  or may be even to play. And suddenly I came across Poker for iPad. I have never been keen on gambling, but this time I decided to try. Luckily I have iPad and I installed the application on it and I started to study it. The first thing that impressed me a lot is the real time setting.  I had such a feeling that I was in a real casino with real people around me. I was a fresher in poker as that’s why the app offered me to have a professional at hand and to ask him some advice. This application – Poker for Iphone or iTouch – has marvelous background music which carries you out of the real world.
So I had really good time playing poker. I advise you to do the same and to have the same mobile applications.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Disposable or not

There can be a rather interesting dilemma while investing in chemical business. One need to choose if to invest, for example, in production of traditional or disposable BOD bottles.On the one hand, disposable bottles are more popular as company doesn't need to spend time and money for cleaning and other procedures. On the other hand company can use traditional bottle many times and save money on bottle itself.

So, while choosing a business to invest in it's important to predict what variant will be more popular - saving money on products or saving money on people's time and so on. As for me I prefer investing in companies selling Plastic vials like Environmental Express.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brilliant stimulus to take care after my body

I’ve never seen anything similar to this program! I couldn’t even imagine that keeping fit can be so pleasant and easily done! This All In Fitness Pedometer for iPhone has replaced me all the games in my iPhone – every time I go somewhere I count my steps and see the progress from day to day! I have even launched a table where I paste my results and compare them! I can plan my burden and increase the quantity of steps every day!

This feature is a brilliant stimulus to take care after my body! I can register using of Pedometer with my ordinary way of life – it is really time-saving and very thrilling! I can even say that I have a new hobby!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The budget is approved in North Las Vegas

It was said last week that North Las Vegas has approved the new tentative budget, which means that the city is going to cut some jobs. It was a hard decision for the authorities, but they say that they had to cut. The city feels the shortage of money and they had to lay off. The cuts will impact the park, city road maintenance, library and fire brigade department workers. Although they cut the jobs the shortage remains. The locals said that the new cuts should be expected. All this would immediately affect the real estate market, which is not stable at all, and will lead to the number of foreclosures and distressed property. And then, the national government will have to interfere as the local banks lending companies won’t be able to deal with the flood of problematic owners. The more people are made redundant the less they can buy houses for sale in North Las Vegas. Then the prices will drop dramatically and the situation will be drastic on the real estate market. We should only hope that the local authorities will find funds not to lay off more people in the area.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Mortgage relief comes to West Palm Beach

The mortgage relief came to West Palm Beach. A new office was opened some days ago offering thousand of people some help to modify their loans and to remain their property with them. The office said that about 20 000 residents had been registered asking for assistance. The head says that they have come back again as the number of people who needs help in West Palm Beach home buying. During the few past days the crowd was so huge, but not everybody managed to see the advisors. So now they have about 10 000 modifications from people. Those who addressed for help say that they are very happy to get modifications to stay with the property they once bought. The program appeared in the area just on the time, as the number of foreclosures was at peak. There were few people who wanted to get a house, but there were too many of them who wanted to sell their property. The program has saved really many houses in the area.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Condos in Florida

Fannie Mae has developed a new program for providing more mortgage money for stimulating sales of properties throughout Florida. Investors and condo sellers in Florida, for example, houses in West Palm Beach, can get most benefits from this new policy.

Fannie Mae said that the main idea of the program is to provide liquidity to the stagnant condo market due to many problems, such as falling prices, excessive offers, condos abandoned by buyers. According to this program, second time buyers will get the $6,500 tax credit, first time buyers will get $8,000 credit.

But some Miami area condo experts are not so sure that Fannie's new program will boost the real estate market because about 85% of condo’s owners are foreign people who are not influenced too much by the crisis.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first experience of Symfony

I have recently started working in one big software development company. Everything’s fine apart from one thing – they prefer working and creating only on Symfony. So now I’m learning Symfony framework as all future projects of the company will be developed on its basis.

At first sight, I liked the framework a lot. Everything is wisely realized in it. But in any case in the process of development some problems will turn up. But I hope my fellow colleagues will help me with understanding and finding the best way out.

Whenever possible I will write about useful things about Symfony and how it helps in rapid web development.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

This year real estate market looks a bit optimistic

The research made by the scientists at Colorado State University shows that the residents are in general optimistic about the property market in Northern Colorado in 2010.

About 300 people took part in the survey that showed that they are rather confident about the real estate market in 2010. The study showed the sales have fallen in comparison with the previous years. They say there’s a span of optimism despite that the tax program will end soon and the interest rates will go up. Some respondents said that they expected to sell houses with more benefits this year than in the previous 2009.

The research asked not only some residents, but some experts who are familiar with the whole process of buying and selling the property. They prove that bad authority regulations caused the wave of foreclosures in the country and the inability of many people to buy property any at all.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Distressed houses make the market fluctuate

Chicago area has announced the beginning of the buyers’ season in February, but it turned out that the sales of existing distressed houses can slow down the market development.

The number of foreclosures who want to sell a house is increasing thus causing the ripple on the market.

The Illinois Realtor’s Association announced that the sales rose by about 30% compared than one year ago. But at the same time the median price has fallen. This discrepancy is the main concern for the homeowners who want to list their houses in spring. They will have to compete with distressed property, which is more attractive for buyers as it can be cheap and ready to be settled in.

The specialists say that the market is not going to stabilize till the market is free from all foreclosures, but it’s not going to happen in the nearest future s they expect a new wave of foreclosures soon. This is because that many homeowners can’t pay the mortgages.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Online Poker

The Internet penetrates rapidly into our life, covering more and more new spheres. A great number of different types of business cannot imagine their existence without the Global Network. Some of them are based solely on the use of the Internet. Some types of business leave gradually offline sphere and start working online. Casinos are among them.
None of the spheres can reap so many benefits from the Internet-space as entertaining resources. Tired office workers do not always want to visit crowded public places, they prefer to stay at home and spend an hour or two sitting in their favorite armchair and playing their favorite game, for example, mobile strip poker. Nowadays the Internet allows to visit a casino at home.
The development of high-speed Interent became the starting point in online poker development. Online poker is the old kind poker of a brand new format. Today you can start to play your favourite game at any convenient time and at any convenient place where there is access to the Internet. You can play either having downloaded a poker program to your computer or online by means of JAVA-technologies.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Web address the same as real address

Some people don’t know where to start selling a house. I want to give some practical tips that helped me a lot.

Launch your own website and make your real address your web address. For example, if you live at 27 Green Street, Seattle, try to get an address like this . I did it with some of my houses that I wanted to sell. I know that some FSBO sellers use this technique and are happy because it works.

Then try to use this address in your flyers and signs. If you want to advertise your property at some fsbo sites, your ad will look more attractive than an ordinary set of numbers and letters. Buyer are likely to remember your ad especially when they will pass by looking for a house and see your yard sign