Thursday, September 19, 2013

Why does renting a cheap flat seem to be a dream in London?

Many people still consider it a dream to get affordable housing in London, as the renting costs are increasing, but the salaries are not. Most citizens are puzzled about where to live.

As soon as students come to the city to study, they are even enchanted by the fact that they have to look for London student rentals.

The renting costs have been going up since 2008, as during the period of crisis and after crisis time, many property owners make their minds to invest only in property, as it seems to be the only reliable investment for people.

Private student halls London have reached the maximum price making it difficult for many students to get some housing.

The costs are increasing a lot, even in the suburbs which seemed to be rather budget in the past. The demand is so great that people agree to pay much and to travel hours to their work and studies having no other way out.

Experts predict that no many houses are going to be built in the future creating more troubles to those who want to rent even short term apartments London.

They say that such situation requires special attention from the local authorities or even the government to make it less painful, as the amount of homeless people is still high.