Friday, May 10, 2013

Google is going to buy WhatsApp for one billion dollars

A year ago in April 2012 Facebook bought the most popular mobile application for taking pictures – Instagram. It was a sign for one of the main competitors – Google – to start working on the ways to increase the audience not to lose leadership.

About one and a half month ago the negotiation concerning buying of a popular messenger WhatsApp by Google company was started. It has already reached the stage of discussing the cost of the deal as the agreement of the management was reached.

whatsApp is one of the most popular crossplatform mobile application for communication so the price for it cannot be low. It is about a billion dollars that seems to be a kind of response to Facebook for buying Instagram – the most popular mobile photosociety.

It is clear that with such huge audience Google will not be able just to close WhatsApp as it happened to Sparrow and with a desktop version of photoeditor Snapseed. At first sight it seems that for users nothing will change except that the application will change the owner as the bought Instagram still remains the independent service and didn’t turn into one of the functions of social network. But after the presentation of Facebook Home when Mark Zuckerberg hid Android deep under its shell Google must have a serious compatible advantage.

There are some gossips that the search engine giant is going to present a new service – Babel or Bubble. It is going to combine Voice, Talk and Google+ Messenger. At the same time the devices based on Android operating system will receive a kind of iMessage at once. There is no sense for Google to work on a corporate service and spend a billion dollars to buy a project that will compete with their novelty. For sure WahtsApp and a new service of Google will turn into one mobile application that will provide Google with the huge advantage in the mobile application market.

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