Saturday, September 29, 2012

Stay connected

According to the latest research of European sociologists the mobile phone become for us a necessity of the first level. Modern people is more willing to stay without food rather to found themselves without a mobile connection. A mobile signal have much better results than computers or television. More than 70 per cent of world population possess mobile phones and many of them are connected to 2 or even 3 mobile operators.

So definitely it's better to have the mobile signal near you. Even if you decide to hide from the civilization it's better to use its achievements. But sometimes you don't have a possibility to get the signal from a mobile operator base station directly. You may go fishing or hunting, you may driving through a national park or forest or exploring Grand Canyon and there is no signal at all. The nature does not provide us with a connection even if we need it desperately. There will be no signal even if you are lost and want to make an emergency call to 911.

There something you can do to cope with the situation of course. You have to think it over beforehand and get a mobile signal amplifier. The principle of its work is simple enough as it takes a weak signal from outside you location (or even your car) and amplifies it to an appropriate level. If there is any possibility to get a signal in your place the booster will provide your phone with the connection you need.

The same situation stands for 3G Internet signal. The minority knows that the signal of mobile Internet is not strictly depends on your mobile signal. You may have wonderful GSM signal and weak 3G because of different base stations that give those kind of signals. But the solution for Internet connection is almost the same. You should find a 3G signal booster. You may stay out of reach of your wife mobile calls and share your fish photos with your Facebook friends.

Anyway it is your decision now whether you want to stay connected or not.

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