Monday, April 26, 2010

Mortgage relief comes to West Palm Beach

The mortgage relief came to West Palm Beach. A new office was opened some days ago offering thousand of people some help to modify their loans and to remain their property with them. The office said that about 20 000 residents had been registered asking for assistance. The head says that they have come back again as the number of people who needs help in West Palm Beach home buying. During the few past days the crowd was so huge, but not everybody managed to see the advisors. So now they have about 10 000 modifications from people. Those who addressed for help say that they are very happy to get modifications to stay with the property they once bought. The program appeared in the area just on the time, as the number of foreclosures was at peak. There were few people who wanted to get a house, but there were too many of them who wanted to sell their property. The program has saved really many houses in the area.

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